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PC and PC Peripheral

Due to ever-increasing file sizes and the constantly growing adoption of such applications as digital music, photo and video storage on PCs, consumers constantly demand larger storage capacities. Broadband connections allow for the downloading of vast amounts of data, and increasing developments in digital photo and video equipment not only raises quality requirements, but also the amount of memory that is necessary to store content. In addition, commercial storage requirements are increasing exponentially with the proliferation of e-mail, the migration to paperless processes, and the movement to archive documents. Backing up all of this data is becoming a costly necessity in business.

Although CDs and DVDs can fill a substantial portion of the market for data storage, consumers and businesses are demanding larger capacities without the need to abandon their existing collection of pre-recorded and home-recorded media or backup data storage. Blu-ray Disc is the solution to this growing need. Offering 25 to 50 GB of data on a single-sided disc, and boasting a physical size identical to that of today's DVD, storage needs will be solved for many years to come. A Blu-ray Disc is also a very economical storage medium, offering the lowest cost per GB. What's more: a Blu-ray Disc drive in a PC is also likely to allow reading from and recording to CD and DVD media, making Blu-ray Disc the ideal upgrade.

PC drive vendors will be able to sell Blu-ray Disc drives in the after-market, enabling consumers to upgrade their existing PCs to take advantage of the larger storage capacity offered by the format. Likewise, PC vendors can equip their PCs with a Blu-ray Disc drive as a line-fitted solution, to make their products stand out of the crowd.

The world's largest computer companies, including Apple, HP and Dell, have adopted the Blu-ray Disc format, offering it as a line-fitted option in their top-of-the-line models. As line-fitted drives in PCs currently make up for about 75% of DVD drives sold, such a widespread adoption in the IT industry will boost acceptance of the Blu-ray Disc format.