Blu-ray Disc Association
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BD Logo Licensing

Responding to increasing requests from BDA members (and others) to use Blu-ray Disc ("BD") logo for various promotional purposes, BOD recently approved to license Blu-ray Disc logo with newly created BD logo license agreement. This agreement will allow you to officially license Blu-ray Disc logo without executing Format and Logo License Agreement (FLLA) for the following purposes.

(1) Any promotion and advertisement for reselling BD Products that licensee has purchased
(2) Any promotion and advertisement for Licensee's contents recorded in BD Products
(3) Manufacturing, offering for sale, selling, or otherwise disposing of packages, cases, containers or carton boxes for BD Products
(4) Manufacturing, having manufactured, distributing of otherwise disposing of free-of-charge promotion materials or items for BD Products

For details of the BD logo license agreement, please visit License Entity website at