Blu-ray Disc Association
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Joint Technical Committee (JTC)

The JTC coordinates and accelerates technical discussions in/among Technical Expert Groups (TEGs) and submits technical proposals to the Board of Directors for approval. Furthermore, they present the technical point of view of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), with strategic guidelines determined by the Promotion Committee.

Current Technical Expert Groups:
- TEG1: BD RE physical specifications
- TEG2: AV application
- TEG3: BD ROM physical specifications
- TEG4: BD R physical specifications
- TEG5: file system and command set

Compliance Committee (CC)

The CC ensures the compatibility and interchangeability of all BD products, resulting in a "consistent end user experience." It supports fast and broad acceptance of the BD standards in the industry.

Current Compliance Committee groups:
- Test Specification Group (TSG): Develops test specifications and test methods, approves test tools and distributes reference discs.
- System Compatibility Group (SCG): Conducts compatibility round robin tests, recommends preferred implementation to achieve industry consensus and develops Compliance Committee newsletter in order to inform members about compliance related issues.
- Verification Service Group (VSG): Ensures the alignment between the different Test Centers, defines the logistics and technical procedures for Test Centers and organizes market inspection in order to maintain the quality of products.

Promotion Committee (PC)

The promotion committee formulates a strategic approach to promote BD formats in various product categories. It creates and participates in events and activities that: promote BD formats, showcase BD products, educate and train key audiences on BD formats and technology, promote compatibility of BD products and create a community for General Members of the BDA.

Current Promotion Committee groups:
- Americas Promotion Team
- Europe Promotion Team
- Japan and Asia/Pacific Promotion Team
- China Promotion Team