Blu-ray Disc Association
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Membership Levels

Membership in the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is divided into three membership levels.

Board of Directors
Companies participating in the Board of Directors are active participants of the format creation and key BDA activities. They are selected from the Contributors by election. The board sets an overall strategy and approves key issues. A board member can participate in all activities and attend all meetings. The Blu-ray Disc Founder companies will make up the initial Board of Directors.
Annual fee: $ 25,000

Contributors are active participants of the format creation and other key BDA activities. They can be elected to become a member of the Board of Directors. A contributor can attend general meetings and seminars, and can participate in Technical Expert Groups (TEGs), regional Promotion Team activities, and most of the Compliance Committee (CC) activities. Membership requires execution of Contribution Agreement and must be approved by the Board of Directors.
Annual fee: $ 10,000

General member
General membership provides access to specific information from Committee discussions. A general member can attend general meetings and seminars. They can participate in specific Regional Promotion Team activities and specific CC activities.
Annual fee: $1,500

Please note: BDA membership is for those who want to actively participate in format development and to have early access to information on BD acvitities. BDA membership does not automatically give you access to published version of BD format specifications. If you become a Contributor member, you will have access to BD format specifications under development for the sole purpose of participating in the format development discussions. If your primary interest is to obtain BD format specifications or to license BD logo and format specifications for your product development, please contact License Agency ( The licensing of the BD logo and format specifications does not require that you become a BDA member.