Blu-ray Disc Association
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Application Forms

If your company is interested in becoming a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, please follow this application procedure.

Please note: BDA membership is for those who want to actively participate in format development and to have early access to information on BD acvitities. BDA membership does not automatically give you access to published version of BD format specifications. If you become a Contributor member, you will have access to BD format specifications under development for the sole purpose of participating in the format development discussions. If your primary interest is to obtain BD format specifications or to license BD logo and format specifications for your product development, please contact License Agency ( The licensing of the BD logo and format specifications does not require that you become a BDA member. An application for membership from an entity (or its affiliates) that uses any company or commercial name, trademark, or domain name that may cause confusion adverse to the success of the Blu-ray Disc format may, upon notice, be held in abeyance for further review.

1. Download Application form.

BDA Application Form (Rev. 2009/04/29)

2. Download and read the Bylaws.

BDA Bylaws 2.6
BDA Committee Rules 1.8

3. Fill out and send Application form with all necessary information and signature to:

Blu-ray Disc Association Administration
3855 SW 153rd Dr., Beaverton, OR 97006 USA
Tel: +1-503-619-0854
Fax: +1-503-644-6708

In addition, if you wish to become a Contributor member, prepare Contribution Statement, a document describing potential contributions you can make to the activities of BDA, and send it with the application form.

BDA Contribution Statement

4. BDA will review the application and if accepted, we will send a confirmation letter and invoice to the contact person you specified in this application form.

5. Send Membership fee payment to the Secretary Office by the due date.

6. If you are accepted as Contributor member, sign and send the Contribution Acknowledgment after receiving payment confirmation from the Secretary Office.

Contributor Acknlowledgement Sample

For questions about membership, please contact:
Fax: +1.503.644.6708