Blu-ray Disc Association
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Media manufacturers, both active in blank media (recordable and rewritable) and pre-recorded media (used to distribute software, movies and other content on ROM discs) will enjoy great benefits by taking up production of Blu-ray Disc media. As the Blu-ray Disc format is supported by almost all consumer electronics manufacturers in the world, as well as the world's two largest IT companies, there will be an enormous boost of Blu-ray Disc players, recorders and drives, greatly accelerating demand for Blu-ray Disc media.

At the same output levels, production costs for Blu-ray Discs are about 10% higher than DVD per disc. A production line can produce more Blu-ray Discs per hour, due to the curing times required for the dyes. This results in increased productivity and lower costs per disc. Investment costs to convert a DVD production line to Blu-ray Disc are expected to be comparable to the change from CD to DVD.

One of the major design goals of Blu-ray Disc is that the format should be viable for at least 10 to 15 years. For this, a major leap in storage capacity was needed, and this has been achieved in the form of 25 to 50 GB disc capacity. Other formats might have required less initial investment fees due to their similarities with DVD (although similarity with DVD also would have involved extra costs due the bonding process), but they were not likely to last as long as Blu-ray Disc. This would have required an additional change in the production lines as soon as the format becomes outdated and newer formats appear, overall resulting in much higher investment costs.